The Beautiful Relations

Under the roof of a small little hut, slept a little girl named María. She lived with her grandfather, Marcelo, and a 4 months old kitten, Cinta. María’s parents died when she was three years old in a car accident on their way back from the airport, her grandmother had just arrived from Vienna, where she owned several art museums and a theater. Her dad missed a truck coming out from a left alley. In a blink of an eye, María found herself, holding Marcelo’s right hand, in the middle of her dearest vigil.

That night, María went to bed astonished of the day they had lived, she wasn’t going to eat fresh baguette made by her mom anymore or play pétanque with her father, nor going to explore Salvador Dalí’s painting with her grandmother. Life wasn’t going to be the same after this event.
A tear in her check replaced her mother’s kisses that night. The sunrise woke María from a dark nightmare, to check the time, she pulled the curtains and noticed something strange on the far center of the sky: her mom’s floating blue eye, a nose bigger than her face, red lips like her grandma used to wear, and an air balloon. “Cinta look! look Cinta! I have to get inside the balloon!” – she screamed immediately. María jumped from the window and started running towards the floating image. Wet grass and tickling ants cover her legs and a cobweb struck her face – “Get out of my sight! I need to reach the sky!” – Cinta was trying to run next to her but little spiders crawled all over its furry skin. Both struggled against nature obstacles. “Cinta please don’t let them turn you into stone! They are as dangerous as trucks!” – but Cinta could not listen to her, its ears were full of dust and spider eggs – “Momma, pappa, please please help me out here. Cinta is almost reaching the ballon and I can’t see anything but its fur”. María’s eyes turned into black buttons and her legs had stretched enormously. She saw that as an advantage, every step she made counted as five small steps she used to walk, but her eyes were blocking the view ahead. “God, it’s me, María, if you can hear me clap once” – no sound of clapping appeared, instead, she heard a voice coming from the right side of her shoulder – “María it’s me, the bug inside your head. On your left hand, you have a scissor and a knife. Be wise. Those tools can help you cut the button from your eyes, but they might also make you blind. Remember pappa’s advice and decide”.  María went back to the day her dad taught her how to cut silk, she intended to be a fashion designer, just like Christian Dior. “If you cut straight and slow you will make perfect combinations” – said her dad. María picked the scissors and pulled the left button, she could see little strings bursting of her eyelid.

“Voilà!” – she yelled.

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