One day at a time

“I woke up thinking the work was done
I would not have to practice today. How naive to think healing was that easy
when there is no endpoint.
No finish line to cross.
Healing is everyday work” – Rupi Kaur.
So im sitting in this new vegan cafe I just discovered and for the first time in almost a week, I feel calm.
Walking around the streets of Copenhagen with nothing else but the thought of my mom caring me around – “home is just around the corner” – I kept repeating.
Then when I entered this cafe, magically was this little poem that spoke to me.
It hit me harder than regrets due to an awful night out.
It’s true. It’s absolutely true. Healing is not an over a night thing, no-no. Healing is a lifetime process. – Why do I like to run away from it? – Maybe its part of being in my comfort zone, protecting myself from being hurt again – Or not? Or maybe is just my mind being afraid of facing feelings – Agh.
Conclusion, one day at a time.
Today im going to heal a little bit more than yesterday and that’s it.
I will put myself up, step by step, time by time.
One day at a time.

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